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Short stories and fairy tales wrote years ago, drawn and illustrated.

Jackie And The Fairy
Story about a sad little girl, Jackie, who had a fairy come to visit her.

Mouse House
A small little mouse named Chips decides to move house, however, not all goes to plan.

Red Berries
Jake's friend runs into problems when they go out adventuring.

The Two Pixies
A tale of two pixies trying to out do each other.

Saffron's Change Of Heart
Saffron's choice of magical path turns out for the worst, a lesson learnt for good.

Talbert's Tavern
A tavern owner comes into a grand opportunity one night with a dark clothed stranger, however, soon to learn it is not without consequences.

The Night Rider Of Cypheria
Jack, had enough of the troubles the village was having and goes ahead to find a solution.

Luke And The Hidden Package
When adventuring Luke comes across something left on the beach.

The Jungle Clearing
Dymo and Ditsy have trouble keeping thier friendship after others interference.

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