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Luke and the Hidden Package

Once upon a time, in a village not to far away from the coast, lived a young boy named Luke.
Now Luke loved adventures and was always venturing into the forest, playing games with his friends, but, one day his friend was busy and couldn't come out to play with him.
This made Luke think of what he could do with his day as the forest wasn't as much fun without a friend to play with, then it come to him, he could take an adventure to the beach.
So Luke set-off down the path to the beach, it didn't take long as it was only a short walk from the village that he lived in.

Once he got to the beach he took off his shoes and socks and stepped onto the warm yellow sands. After walking along for awhile he sat down on the sands and watched the waves flowing back and forth up the shore when he spotted something just up from where he was sitting.
There caught in the waves was something glistening in the sunlight.

He got up; shaking the sand off, he started to go towards it to investigate what it could be. The closer he got to it the more he realised it some sort of green bottle, picking it up to take a closer look he saw there was something inside, pulling the cork off from the top, he turned it upside down when amongst the falling sand a piece of paper fell out into his hand.
Luke curiously unravelling the paper revealed a map, just like something out of a pirate story. Studying it closely and there on the map was, indeed, his own forest that he plays in, however, there was a thick line drawn into the forest, out the other side and down the valley to what looked like a picture of a waterfall and lake with a red X on it.
Luke surprised in what he had found, yet, had never been on the other side of the forest before, but, being the adventurous type couldn't turn down the opportunity to find out what the map could be hiding.

Putting his shoes back on and heading into the bush he went into the forest finding the path that leads though the forest as indicated on the map. Following it for quite a way he come out the other side and went deep down into the valley were he'd not been before, keeping an eye out for the waterfall and lake, then he heard it, the rush of water.
Following the noise, he went past some trees and in a clearing there laid the lake and waterfall just like the map said.

Looking around for awhile for any signs of treasure but had no luck, getting a little tired and bored he began to skim the stones across the lake, then he threw one and it went straight though the waterfall making a sound like it hit something, looking closer he saw a pathway leading behind the waterfall.
He walked along the path and behind the waterfall into a secret cave and there on the floor lay a little red box with a note laying on top. Luke picked up the note and it read;

To whom has found this package. This belongs to Mrs M. White of the village not to far from here.
I have not been able to find the village.
If one could deliver it a reward will be in order.
A Lost Mail Man

Luke knowing Mrs White from his village lived not to far away from him, so Luke picked up the package and started off up the valleys hill and though the forest following the path to his village and come to Mrs White's house, he knocked on the door and there appeared Mrs White.
"Hello, Mrs White, I found this package near the waterfall the other side of the forest I believe it is for you." Luke explained.
"Ahh, yes, I've been looking forward to getting this for along time I thought it would never come." said Mrs White with a relieved expression on her face.
"Here take this is a thank you for bringing it back to me" Mrs White then handed Luke a map.
"I hope this will help on your adventures so you don't get lost like the mail man." She said with a smile on her face.
"Thank you" Luke replied.

From then on Luke had many different adventures around his village finding new places to go and play, and new things to see, thanks to Mrs White.

The End

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