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The Jungle Clearing

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the Ansonia desert there laid the cliff that overlooked the wastelands, nothing much grow in the wastelands, nor lived, yet in a cave which cut into the rocks lived a pride of lions. Father, mother and a small cub named Dymo.

Now Dymo being quite playful was always thinking of new games to play with his family, yet the more he played with them the more he felt that something was missing. He longed for someone like himself to play with, even thou his cousins visited regularly this did not satisfy him.

Dymo and his father went on regular hunts in the wasteland for the family meals. The more Dymo grow the more trust his father gave him, to venture out of the caves and over the wasteland to hunt by himself.

One day in the wastelands Dymo became bored of hunting. He stopped and looked around, the wasteland wasn't much to look at, a quite lonely place, yet Dymo longed for adventure.

Dymo's father use to tell him of all the grand adventures he had been on, so Dymo, being the adventuress type decided to follow the cliffs around, somewhere he had not been before. The more Dymo ventured around the cliffs the more his excitement grew for what was ahead.

After walking for awhile coming into sight was something that he had only heard of in his father's stories, they were trees, tall, lush and green. The closer he got the more his eyes began to sparkle, his pace quickened and eventually his feet sunk into the grass of the jungle, something that he had never experienced before and he loved it.

He explored for awhile to become familiar with his new found surroundings when he come to a clearing which a running stream was travelling on its way though the jungle. Here he stayed and played in the thick green grass with the trickling sounds of the stream rushing past, listening to the birds singing in the trees.

Dymo spent most of the day playing before heading back to the cliffs to his family. That night all he could think of was the jungle and how he loved being there. He decided to go there as much as he could yet still bring back food for the family.

One day came along when his father was out hunting and Dymo had the whole day to himself. With the sun shining down he thought it would be a great day to relax in the jungle, he set out following the cliffs around and making his way to the clearing he knew, however, before he reached it he heard a sound that he had not heard in the jungle before, like giggles coming from the clearing, he approached slowly wondering what it could be, he came to a tree where he could see into the clearing and there, playing, was a young lioness. He paused for a moment, thinking of who this could be but before he could finish a crack came from under his foot, he had trodden on a twig.

From the clearing came a sweet;
Dymo came nervously out from under the shadow of the tree.
"Hello, who are you?"
She replied "My names Ditsy, what's yours? I've not seen you here before."
"My names Dymo I come play here when I can." He replies
"Maybe we can play together" Ditsy suggested.

So they did and play together many times over the past week and got to know each other, but one day, after dinner, Dymo told the story of his adventures into the jungle and how he met Ditsy the lioness and how they became the best of friends.

This got Dymo's family worried; they explained to Dymo, along time ago a dreadful thing happened between the two prides and had agreed to stay away from each other and that why we choose to live in the cliffs rather than the jungle.

This took some time for Dymo to accept as they then went on to say that he could not go to the jungle again and would not see Ditsy anymore.

This hurt Dymo somewhat, as he found something that he had been searching for with Ditsy.

This got Dymo thinking a lot, and didn't want to lose Ditsy so when he was out on his hunting days he snuck off, following the cliffs around to the jungle and once again, met up with Ditsy. Dymo explained what had been said to him and they both agreed that it was wrong, so they made up a plan for the both prides to meet on the wasteland and make up.

The next day the hunting was arranged and both prides meet on the wasteland near the watering hole. At first it did not go to plan, both prides were not happy to see each other when Dymo and Ditsy came between them and said;

"Stop, we should not have to stay out of each others way just because something happened along time ago. Both of us should be able to adventure the caverns of the cliffs and green grasses of the jungle."

That moment they both looked at each other with ways of change in their eyes and agreed to unite as one.

From that day new friends were made and differences were settled. As for Dymo and Ditsy, they got to play together and adventure the lands whenever and wherever they pleased.

The End

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