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Red Berries

Once upon a time, deep in the valley in a small village called Masitite, there lived the Terish family and a special little boy named Jake.
Little 12 years old Jake was very popular with the other children in the village as he loved to play with magic.

One day Jake and his best friend John decided to go out and play Knights and Magicians as John's dream was to become a great knight, so they clambered up the hill to the high lands where the trees grew tall and thick where they played for several hours.
After exploring for awhile, Jake and John found a clearing in the woods where the sun shun bright and the grass lush and green, after laying down for several minutes to catch their breath.

Jake said to John "I'm Hungry, we should have brought lunch" and sits up.
John replies "Not me, I had a big breakfast this morning."

John, looking around for a while spots in the distance a green bush. He stood up and headed towards it. The closer he got the more he saw spots of ripe red berries hanging off its branches.
Jake still tired out remained lying on the ground. After a few minutes finally got up and headed over to John picking and eating the berries off the bush.
"I think we should head back to the village before it begins to get dark" says Jake.
"Yes, me too" says John.

They both headed back down the track that lead to the village chattering away what they could do tomorrow.
They both split up and went back to their house's which their dinners were waiting for them.

Having a good nights sleep, Jake was the first to rise.
After having breakfast Jake got ready and headed over to John's house to see if he could come out and play. Knocking on the door appeared John's mother.

"Hello Jake, I'm afraid that John had a terrible fever and is very sick. The doctor says it's a very rare condition that only magic can cure. Could you go and call the magician to see if he can do anything?"
"Yes of course." replied Jake.

Jake then went straight to the magician's house and called him
"Please help! John has eaten some poison berries and has a terrible fever." Jake exclaimed to the Magician.
The Magician and Jake headed back to John's House and was with him for an hour or two. When the Magician finally come out, he said.
"I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do for small John as his fever is past my potions abilities, however, there is a potion which can cure him, it is called 'Jerish Blue' and is sold in the village Hindy on the other side of the valley."

From that moment, Jake decided he would go to the village Hindy and get the potion which would cure John's fever.
He set off with a few coins in his pocket, up the track past the woodland and over the top of the mountain, from the top you could see the village Hindy below.
Heading down which was much easier than going up, he reached the village and searched for the potion shop.
Entering the potion shop he said to the clerk.
"Do you have any Jerish Blue potions?"
"Yes, we have one left, seems to be in great demand this time of year." replied the clerk.
Jake, handing over his coins headed back to Masitite with the potion in hand.

Once arriving at John's house realizing most the day had past he knocked on the door and yet again John's mother appeared and the door.
"Jake, John has become worse please tell me you have the potion." said John's mother in a worried tone.
"Yes, here it is." replied Jake.
After a few minutes, John's mother returned.
"The only thing we can do now is wait to see if the potion works, please call tomorrow Jake, John will be happy to see you." said John's mother.
"Of course" replied Jake and headed off back to his home.

That night Jake had trouble sleeping knowing his friend was in a bad way.

The night pasted and day dawned. Jake headed straight to John's house in the early hours of the morning. To his relief John appeared at the door.
"Thank you so much Jake. The potion you got has cured me!" John said with a smile on his face.
His mother came to the door.
"Thank you so much Jake" said Johns mother.
"Here take this as a thank you, it will help you on your travels" John's mother handed Jake a crystal incrusted magician's staff.
"Thank you! I won't let him touch any more berries." replied Jake.

Years past and to my knowledge Jake and John are still best of friends and Jake still uses the staff today.

The End

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