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Jackie and the Fairy

Once upon a time, there was a young girl called Jackie, she lived in a big house, way out in the country with her parents.
One day, she came back from school very upset, her parents asked what was wrong, but she didn't even know herself.

That night she sat up in bed with her bedside light on, when a colourful flicker of light came from the corner of the room. She glanced up and to her surprise, saw a wonderful, colourful fairy fluttering towards her, when it landed right on her knee!

Jackie, all bright eyed, couldn't hardly speak, as she had never seen a fairy before. but as she stared at the sparkles of light coming from the fairy's wings, the fairy, carrying red bag, said "How may I help?" when Jackie began "Help? How can.." but before she could even finish her sentence the fairy suddenly fluttered her wings and flew off leaving a streak of light trailing behind her.

Jackie, looking quite astonished, lay in her bed staring up at the sealing, thinking of whether she really did just see a fairy! Or was it just her imagination?

The next day, after school, she arrived home and once again she was feeling really bad.
Her mother made her a nice dinner, but didn't make Jackie feel much better, so she decided to go to bed.

As she lay tucked up in bed, once again the fairy came back, but this time Jackie noticed she was carrying a small green bag, and once again the fairy landed right on her knee and said "How may I help?"
Jackie looking really amazed that the fairy came back said quickly "Hi, my names.." but before she could finish, once again the fairy fluttered away. This made Jackie feel even worse. She sat up in her bed, trying to figure out why the fairy flew off, but after along while, with not much luck, she drifted off to sleep.

The next day she got up, and did her usual routine and went off to school. That night she came back feeling the worst she had ever felt, even more than being sick!

She didn't have any dinner that night, and went off to bed. She sat there for along while with only thoughts of what she could have done to deserve to feel so bad, when, from out of no where, came a streak of colourful light, and once again the fairy came fluttering down and landed on her knee! This time carrying a purple bag and said "How may I help?" Jackie, feeling so bad, said "You can't help, no one can." in a sad voice. The fairy untied a small ribbon on top of the bag and flew right over Jackie, sprinkling the purple dust over her.
As it sparkled down through the air, she felt like a silk sheet was being gently being pulled over her, when the fairy quickly disappeared out of sight.
That night as she lay there feeling so snug and warm, she drifted off gently to sleep and had the best dream of dreams she ever could have imagined.

She woke up the next day feeling so wonderful and happy, without a care in the world.
That night, when she arrived back from school, she had a huge smile on her face and gave her parents a big hug, she had a lovely dinner and watched telly for awhile before bed.

As she lay in her bed, feeling warm and cosy, the fairy once again flew down from the corner of her bed room and landed on her knee, but this time she wasn't carrying a bag.
Before the fairy could say a word Jackie said "Thank you so much, I feel so much better, how ever may I repay you?"
When a smile came on the fairy's face and whispered "You already have, be happy and follow your heart"
Then fluttered her wings once again and flew off leaving a wonderful streak of light behind her, before she disappeared.

Jackie, laying in her bed, happy as can be and feeling great, drifted off to sleep.
From that night, she lived happily and joyfully the best she could, every time she was feeling down, she would just think of the fairy's and it always put a smile back on her face.

The End

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