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( Xeo Interactions Project )

Opening communications on a global level we attempt to create a safe location online 24/7 to manage your life.

Live Demo

Point of working together is if 2+ people are together and communicating results in more people listening to others, spreading knowledge and working as a group than people there.
Use the details below to visually see the live progress made in creating X.I. as it grows and spreads day by day.


Click the link below and be taken to the X.I. demo.


Username: test
Password: testing


X-Tek Device (Multi-Electronic) - x1,000 in all ways on any TV, PC, Laptop, Server, Tablet, Phone, etc.. (See: LexxDesigns.com - Inventions) at under 10 UK Pound
Secure Online - 24/7 you will find the service available and ready for you to use anytime in your life
Expert Help - Ask a question to us and we will alert you as soon the answer has been found and alert you
Anyone Usable - ONE password, ONE username for ANYTHING ANYWHERE for all your personal stuff you have or could ever gain or acquire
Private login - Provide your unique access details and gain control over your private information
Contact Book - Store information about a person or organizasation once and find all there details anytime
Credit Purchase - Topup securely by keeping your credits in the plus for your purchasing throughout everywhere
Online Shopping - Find interesting and wonderful products for purchase with the widest varity the web can offer
Interface Themes - A multiple selection of colorful themes in a range of designs are available to brighten up your control panel
Text Messaging - Send a text or SMS to someone elses mobile phone with a written 'from sender' message instead of numbers
Public Profile - Keep the information that other people will see in public up-to-date
Email Service - Write to your friends and recieve thier replies by electronic mail instantly
Play Games - Play anything from the past for free and new releases brought online, instantly and easily
Live Chat - Join chatrooms where you can type live messages to other people across the world
Voice Chat - Single person to person or multi conference rooms too speak and hear others
Video Webcams - See, speak and hear too one of your friends or a whole group of people over a streaming live connection
Bookmarks - Back track on anything you may find online by storing and tracking the information
File System - Store your files online as you would on your computer as a backup or to use
Music Player - Play all your songs you upload into your music folder anytime you like
Video Player - Sit back and watch movies and films you upload by streaming online to you
TV Channels - See your favourite hosts and watch the soaps you follow regually on your television
Media Archive - Old and out-dated music, video, pictures and books FREE of all history
Backing Up - Automatic backups take place at set times and any extra carried out with a select & restore by time
Multi Devices - Connect all your personal devices owned to one place
Easily Portable - At under 10 grams; less than a lighter, take it where you want
2X4X6-Way Connect - Physical or remote, connect to any device, online or offline with X-Tek, your personal owned property or not
Local Information - Bring up your map of where you are and even all the shops, places to eat & drink, attractions and more in the local area
Events Reminder - Display and be alerted to all dates that may be special to you when entered and also every well known celebration or holiday in the calender
Special Features - Get the latest information on the media world where you will find film, cinema, music, books, pictures of the new material

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