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Mouse House

Once upon a time there was a mouse called Chip who lived in a deep valley of bright green trees, but one day he woke up and looked around at where he lived and decided it was time to leave and move house.
Chip's being a mouse moved house a lot, they were never the ones to stay in the same place for long time.

He decided it would be good to scout out a nice place to live before he started to pack his belongings, so he headed off through the forest and climbed up the nearest hill and looked out over the lands and in the distance he saw a blaze of golden wheat covering a large area far away in the distance with a wonderful oak tree right in the centre.
Chip's, being golden, loved anything bright and colourful, he began thinking of how wonderful it would be to live in a field of gold, but it was along way away so he made up his mind to pack his stuff and start on his journey early in the morning.

Once morning came he had packed most of his belongings and started to set off though the forest once more and back up the hill.
He was lucky enough to find a small trail that led him along way before he had to travel any rough ground, but before long it ended and he came to a stream which he had to cross.
He was walking down along side the stream trying to find a suitable place to cross, then his luck got even better when he came across some stepping stones, as he hopped across thinking to himself that he's making such good time, it will leave enough to dig a small house to sleep over the night.

Once mid day came he finally reached the golden field of wheat. He began to explore the area, as he weaved though the towering storks looking out for a nice place to build his home not to far from the edge, he came across a little clearing in the wheat that had nice soft ground.
He set his belongings down to rest and sat on a little pebble, took out his water holder and had a drink while thinking about how his new home would look.

After awhile when he felt ready, he started digging and by the time night began to fall, he had dug out a nice hole big enough to store his things in and had enough room enough for a bed, he made a nice soft bed from the wheat and turned in for the night just as the stars were coming out.

He woke suddenly in the morning with a huge racket, the ground was shaking beneath him, when he thought that it could be a earthquake, but then it became slightly quieter, when he jumped out of bed and went outside, he stood on the small rock and peered across the field and to his almighty shock there stood a huge red tractor with a huge chopper on the front cutting down the wheat, then from the corner of the clearing which he stood, came a squeak from another mouse as this mustard grey mouse appeared from the thick wheat and ran to him,
"Hurry, we must go to the large oak, its safe there"
then he disappeared quickly out the other side heading directly to the tree that is placed in the middle of the wheat field.

Chips being quite shocked by this time, rushed back into his hole and quickly picked up his belongings. Luckily he had not yet unpacked and was able to take everything with him, as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him straight for the big oak tree in the middle of the field.
When he was about half way through the field, out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the huge red monster ripping all the wheat down as it went along and then, from no where came another alongside it, by this time Chips was running as fast as his legs would carry him for the tree.

The roaring sounds gradually got louder and louder, but when he reached the tree he felt so relieved, feeling much more safe, when he stopped the musty brown mouse standing on the largest root poking out of the ground looking out over the tops of the wheat watching what was happening.
Chip's hopped over and stood next to him shaking a little bit, and looked out, then he saw two huge machines tearing up the ground pulling out all the wheat.
He asked what was happening in a rather shaky voice.
The other mouse replied
"It's the tractors, they come every year to cut the wheat, are you new here?"
"I moved here yesterday, I came from the valley" Chip's said while laying his belongings on the ground.
"Oh, im sorry to hear that, my names Ralph. I live here on the other side of this tree. This is the only safe place in the field. I hope you have not built your home yet, many mice around here make that mistake"
Chip's replies feeling a little silly
"Ummm.. Yes I started yesterday"
"Never mind there is a perfect spot right here to build a home and I will have a next door neighbour!"
Ralph smiles
"Wow thanks" Chip's says smiling back.

That day Ralph helped Chip's dig a new home and gathered some of the fresh soft tops of the wheat that had fell for a bed and managed to get all his belongings unpacked and in the right places.
When they had all done, they sat under the big large oak tree that lays in the middle of the field and stared up at the stars together, chatting about all the wonderful things they could do and see together in the future, as the sun set far away in the distance.

The End

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