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Large area outer high-speed roads & tracks will be complimented by various tracks and open areas to travel with sutiable vehicles covered in only needed & sutiable places.

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Upwards & Downwards
Engines to power rotating vertical seating which will transport you up by a single cord or line.
Slides for transporting downwards from tree tops and high areas.
Sheet metal supporting a slidable car that transports you downhill for more longer downward journeys on a pre-set track.

Surfaces & Protection
Firm slidable rubber for material which will be used for transporting downwards short distances.
All weather shielding which is controlled to come out when it is needed.
Outer hilled areas of hard to get to places that may require a vehicle will be gravelled rock & stone.
Inner road & track for housing and the parking area is tarmac & woodchippings.
Laid out track with medium size carriages holding reclined seated people along with food, drink and a toilet in seperate carriages from thier own.

Generation of Power
Wheels built on water and wind powered fans which are constantly turning by themselfs will power all travelling where possible.
Powering all methods of transport around the village directly or via electric boxes for free by water.
Electricity will be saved in electric boxes for use as backup and if low power were to happen.
Electric supply boxes will be available for cars and smaller vehicles travelling in the village.

Village Vehicles
Free electric powered cars and smaller modes of transport with electric boxes to charge up when needed for free.
Coloured Stripe to mark the area most sutiabled to be inside the village if it can transported anywhere.

1 Person - Tunnel or Open Material Slide
Large firm rubber created in the shape of a tunnel ideally used for material sliding.
All weather shielding for all year use.
Fit a person in the open or full tunnel, one at a time until at the bottom.
Electronic signalling to see if anyone is using the slide.
Remain fully clothed on a pre-set track and be trasported to the bottom from a small vertical distance.
A cloth car is available if you do not have sutiable clothing at the time.

Any Person - Convayor Strip
On flat land tavel with your feet on a convayor belt at comfutable speed.
Places to put carriables, seating and standing up areas fixed down on the strip.
Close shop areas and long distance walks or jogs the convoyor strips will take the rush out of shopping.

1 Person - Ranger Quad
4 wheeled protected medium weight vehicle which will find it simple to travel most places.
Places to put equiptment, small storage facility and first aid kit.
Quiet sounding engine which will not scare when approched close by.

1 to 2 - Long Downhill Metal Slide Car
Sutiable for two people to sit inside.
Minimal surrounding and light weight.
360 dagree visability with bar cage supporting.
Slides located beneath that lay onto sheet metal track.
Cars cannot leave the pre-set track for travelling downhill.
All weather protection.
Comfutable soft cusion seating.
Once at the bottom of the hill it will be powered by engined track to the top once again.

1 to 2 Person - Buggy
Light weight and quick across sand areas, dry and plain lands and having an open cab with a roll cage for safty.

1 to 2 Person - Hover Craft
Speed across high open land, wet ground, water and field areas quickly.

1 to 10 Person - Electric Boats
Powered by electric these boats are small cruising vessals for leisure purposes.
Having power points along the edges of lakes and open beach areas with electric supplies to carry out your journey on the water.

2 to 5 Person - General All Type
4 door saloon to fit 5 seated people.
Converatible roof with sunroof.
Foldable seating which creates a two person bed.
Automatic rear large window with foldable cinema projector screen.
Built in adjustable rear cinema projector.
Electronic screen display windowing.
Local village CB communication radio.
Sound system with track & album archive.
Both normal and high rise/suicide doors.
Easy adjustable lighting with changable colours.
Slightly tinted electronic windowing.
Air conditioning unit.
Electronic & foldable seating.
Powered by an engine of thier own they travel and park in most places.

5 to 10 Person - Passenger Carriage Train
Carriages will remain on tracks and will mostly be sutible for long distances across the village.
Seating up to 10 people inside the carriages.
Retractable seating which will allow you to lay down while staying seated.
Toilet area which will be a single carriage of its own.
Snack carriage where food and drink will be served.
Pulled by a powerful front engine carriage, it will pull them across mainly flat land on laid track.
Music will be available in each seperate carriage supported by sound proofing walls.

10 to 49 Person - Travelling Rooms
Few people front control room to pull the owned rooms to the destination which ever way possible on the same track available to passenger carriage trains.
Tracks available most places to popular working areas and rest travelling places.
Rentable and buyable rooms linked together with walking areas to other facility rooms.
Kitchen, resterent and toilet rooms a walkable distance down a corridoor.
Carriages will be fully lockable and secure to use with a special pass which you will recieve.
Rooms will be fully customisable for medium term stay and work.

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