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Morale System

This will help keep track of status, likes and dislikes of the resident, achivements gained and thier needs and requirements can be easily met.

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Morale System

Gain points from 0 to 10 in the village.
Points are for:
Eating correctly, keeping health and looking after yourself.
Helping and being useful by your activities inside the village.
Participation, up-keep and help in events that the village holds.
generate income of some kind.

Points are added up and for:
Eating and Drink Monitoring; Segguestions for participation visiting shop, restaurant and takeaways with cookery recipes, new foods and drinks for trying.
Physical Health Monitoring; Segguestions for participation of exercise with organised services, events and groups.
Teeth Health Monitoring; Remindering of dentist visits, arrangement and travelling.
Activity Monitoring; Segguestions for participation with enjoyable activities, craft ideas, helpful work and visit of attractions.
Over long-term; based on where and how many points gained will show participation, likes, dislikes and health issues for offering segguestions.
Using Points; For holiday oppurtunities, dream experiences, pampering, property improvement, electronic devices, special or unique items and products.

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