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Go Karts

  • In-door and out-door tracks that change annually to maintain a challenge
  • Slow and fast karts to use with support guides on how they work
  • Racing clothes and helmets provided and for sale to use on the track
  • Marshell's to watch over your race to make sure someone wins
  • Lap times, personal tracking and continuious records of racers to beat
  • Racer of the year trophy engraved with a competition for amunity of free roaming around the park for life

Forest Journeys

  • Safty rails are provided along the sides of the walk-way's
  • Slides and quicker routes are available to take if time allows
  • Obstical and fitness courses with easy to follow sign posted routes
  • Health and safty boxes along the courses incase you get injured
  • Tree houses with areas of relaxation where drinks are available

Gambling Arcade

  • Can be used 24 hour a day so budget along the way to save the day
  • Slot machines for use with coin dispensors around the area
  • 18+ games are offered in another location from more lesser risk games
  • All round the clock plant and water feature atmosphear making sure the time is clear
  • Friendly on hand staff to make your stay comfutable and enjoyable

10 Pin Bowling Lanes

  • Clothing, shoes and bowling balls to use and even buy
  • Secluded private area with table and comfutable seating
  • Rules and information on how to play with tips and tricks
  • Computerised drink orders brought straight to your table
  • Bowling scores displayed on TV with music selections for listening
  • Personal account to track your scoring and advise on improvement
  • Bowler of the year trophy engraved with a competition for amunity of free roaming around the park for life

Animal Sanctuary

  • Safe secure seperated areas host different animal races and prevent hostile situations
  • Walkways and sign posts guide you around the area and where the animals live
  • Animal care center to visit where they can be cared for if required
  • Rangers are around the park to ensure thier safty and have what they require
  • Gift shop hosts information on the featured animals and many memoriable take-home items

Relaxation and Refreshments

  • Meals made with ingredients from the local area
  • Fresh fruit makes up cocktails and sparkling drinks to try
  • Cakes and deserts to indulge and enjoy in your own time
  • Hampers are made up for taking home your favourites
  • Tables and cusioned seating offer views of around the area
  • Surround of tree and plant life hide away wood sculptures

Gaming Arcade

  • Hosting computers from the early days of technology up to the current moment
  • A wide selection of games and machines suitable to play them for you
  • Private and group areas available for comfute, concentration and amusement
  • Friendly support provides guidance with choices, manuals and useful information
  • Compatitions and leagues offer prizes for winning are hosted for games regually
  • Gamer of the year trophy engraved with a competition for amunity of free roaming around the park for life

The Gardens

  • Large peaceful free-to-roam natural and atmospheric themed areas too visit
  • Grass, sand, water, dirt, stone and wood landscaping compliment the plant life
  • Adventure while finding secluded cultural artitecture, lighting effects and decoritive features
  • Residence of interesting flowers, bushes and trees can be found

Visiting and Groups

  • Park up and walk with variety of places available to accommodate your vehicles stay
  • Sign posts are placed around the park for help navigating your way around
  • Larger vehicles are offered bigger places that are seperate from normal space parking

Motorhomes and Camping

  • Facilities provide drinkable water, toilets, showers and electric recharge points
  • Spots around the park are dedicated for camping and motorhomes along with attractive views
  • Campfire locations provide a place to start a fire for an enjoyable night
  • Open buildings provide an under cover area, weather shelter and built-in barbecue grill

Fitness and Exercise

  • Daily groups and activities are available to join and held everyday
  • In-door exercise machines and open courts are for use to drop in 24/7
  • Use the equiptment provided for the sport you choose or use your own
  • Bushes and trees surround the spacious outside and inside exercise spots
  • Guides and information hold knowledge of sports to participate in

Rest, Food and Sleep Houses

  • Builds to support cooking facilities with food and drink available not far away
  • Comfutable seating, bedding and sleeping area with television entertainment
  • Plant life and different design theme atmospheares to choose and relax in
  • Booklets for reading on attractions around the park to participate in

Radio Controlled Toys

  • Miniture road, sea, air and dirt tracks made for small radio controlled vehicles
  • Win prizes at the organised races, timetrails, controlled safty and special events
  • Racer of the year trophy engraved with a competition for amunity of free roaming around the park for life



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